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Another Vaniity Featurette


Another Vaniity Featurette Another Vaniity Featurette

A few weeks ago, Vaniity called me up on a Friday afternoon and said she wanted to go out. She wanted to go to Katana which is a trendy Japanese/sushi restaurant on the Sunset Strip. I told her I had been invited to go to an art exhibit by a friend of mine who had a piece on display. This friend just happens to be a very cute lesbian who loves transsexuals. So it was decided that we would do both.

If you haven’t figured this out already, any outing with Vaniity is liable to turn into a photo feature. If any of you ever get the opportunity to go out with her, make sure you bring a camera. Nuff said on that. So we’re at Katana and immediately she tells me to get out the camera. The first photo was taken by the elevator door. Then a couple in the bar, then more at the table. Of course she got a lot of attention and guys were hitting on her – the usual stuff.

Then we’re off to this little bar on Vine St. to meet Anna. I told her I was bringing a special guest that she’d love. She did. The next day she told me of all the tgirls I could have brought, I brough the perfect one. We took a bunch of pics in there and I even shot a short video clip while V was dancing. At the end of the evening you can see that Vaniity loved Anna too. It was a beautiful sight watching them kiss. Just another woody while out on the town with Vaniity.

The rest of these photos and a video clip went on the site today

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