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To know Vaniity is to love her


To know Vaniity is to love her. Everybody knows Vaniity, the woman whose name bespeaks indulgence and also sounds like an expensive perfume. She’s the Queen of “tranny” porn. To this date she is Joey (the king of “tranny” porn) Silvera’s favorite consort. The lady has managed to Lord over lesser transsexuals, leading the pack at ray of light speed. In other words, she’s way ahead, of all of us! She not only has screen presence, an intriguing personality, yet also some sort of raw originality. And she expresses her sexuality via song rap, via your T.V. screen, and even makes special appearances in your wildest dreams! It seems as though she has managed to conquer the heart of America, and now has even declared a thirst to conquer the world! She is our “Wild Child” our “Queen T” and with that wicked sweet smile the lady is managing to steal all men’s hearts worldwide by the mobs!

By: Sam Junaidy

1) Who are some of your influences…who inspires you?
Wonder Woman, Madonna, Prince, Salma Hayek, Pedro Almadovar,Rita Hayworth, My Mother…

2) At what age did you realize you were a woman?
I knew as a child, that I would grow up to be a girl ~ subconsciously…

3) How did your family and friends take the news when you told them?
My mother was in denial (though I use to be her fashion consultant and did her makeup), she took it hard, and every conversation was a waterfall of tears (hers) so I let go, she didn’t talk to me for 7 years. The rest of the family sided with her, yet I kept on hanging out with my sisters here and there ~ clubbing and such…

4) How did you get into the adult film business?
Before porn I was an administrative assistant for a company that does no longer exist, JTS Corporation. I had no intention of ever embarking on such a sexual journey, in fact I was a bit of a snob about it, I’d tell my girlfriend Brandy Scott things such as, “I would never do that, yuch!” and now look at me, the supposed “queen” and all…hehehe, so Brandy was doing it, she knew Mike Rubenstein at Devils Films (she was under contract), she told me that she had shown a picture of mine to him and that he was excited to meet me. I was in a mentally abusive relationship at that time and the first time that he threatened to hurt me physically I called Brandy and asked her to take me to Los Angeles to meet Mike Rubenstein. He offered me a contract and the rest is history.

5) What are your thoughts about the adult video business….is it just a stepping stone…or do you see yourself doing this for many more years?
I want to go on to do more mainstream jobs, more “household” ~ family friendly appearances..a documentary, a book, book signings, song and dance…

6) Do you feel that people on the whole accept you and other transsexuals?
Have you ever come across any kind of discrimination? There’s always been discrimination, even the guys who say in a friendly way “Dang, you’re a hot guy, but I don’t think I could go there, you’re fucking hot though…” that kind of jive is sort of discriminative…now days though more people are open minded. Transsexuality has finally hit the “mainstream” wave, yet there are still a lot of close minded people here on this earth, remember Gwen Araujo, the 17 year old transsexual who was beaten to death by some middle class “momma’s boys” who got away with it? Well REMEMBER GWEN ARAUJO, cause we have to bring justice to the front, she deserves justice! There absolutely is discrimination still; she is one of many victims we have lost to hate. Let’s try to prevent this from ever happening again!!

7) Do you think you will ever marry?? Have you ever truly been in love???
I’ve been in love in all my relationships, I was in love with Ryan, I was in love with Rick, I was in love with Doug, I was in love with KC Robinson, though he was never actually in a relationship with me. I was infatuated with Tony Perez, Alex Barajas, Saul Coria, and Tony Chavez. Today Stacy H. Kotero owns my heart still, even though we’re broken up :(…I will wear a wedding dress some day, after I learn to love myself first and have something great to offer to a relationship. I hope it’s with a sweet, honest man whom I walk down the isle with ~ otherwise I will have to rent a hunk!hehehe… I want a monogamous type of love…

8) You have traveled around the world and met so many people that have been starstruck by you…. has there ever been anyone you were starstuck when meeting?
Salma Hayek. Then again when I meet Prince or Madonna, maybe Angelina Jolie, and Wonder Woman ~ oops, I’M Wonder Woman! hehehe

9) Do you have any advice to girls out there making the transition to TS? Any advice to anyone thinking of getting into adult films???
Don’t take the shortcut through adult films unless you are strong enough, it’s an emotionally roller coaster. Transsexuality is our hormonal imbalance, it happened when we were embryos, there’s nothing we can do about that, there’s nothing we should want to do. Accept your body, your life as it is, work on the things you feel need correcting and live on, life is yours, do with it as you feel is best for you, don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t belong and always ask, “Why not?!”

10) You have an incredible figure… what sort of diet and excercise regimate are you on?
I don’t believe in dieting, I believe in eating healthy and exercise. I don’t eat/drink dairy products, except for Mexican cheese every once in a while…I hate boring salads, but I eat Caesar, without the cheese and the croutons. I try not to eat too much bread, but I love bread, so I eat some. I dance more than anybody I know, so that really keeps my metabolism bumping…

11) If you knew then what you know now… would you change anything about your life?
Never! I knew my destiny, I knew I was going to have a tough life, I knew it would all work it’s self out though…I am very proud of myself, my horrible times of poverty, of being hungry, the many embarrassing moments I’ve been through, the shame, the fear, the neediness…I love all of it, for I am who I am through it all. I am so delighted to be alive and I want to yell of happiness and excitement to thank the Lord ~ as we should all!

12) So what took so long to launch Many of your fans had been waiting patiently for a very long time to see it come to see the light… why did it take so long?
Confusion, mistrust ~ that’s the past, let’s live on!

13) You’re voice, walk, mannerisms, everything is so feminine… has it always been this way? Did you change anything to make yourself that way?
My walk is natural, my voice is natural, my mannerisms are natural, my overall look is natural, except for my nose, it’s natural… hehehe, but I’ve had it remodeled a bit. I have veneers on my lower teeth (Dr. Rutner) and I wear extensions here and there to give me more of a Lions Mane and I had my breasts done… hehehe ~~~~TOGGSY ~ CALL ME! I want to write my book! hehe

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  1. Vanity,
    Not only are your responses well worded and thought out but they’ve got heart… You’ve got brains and beauty stay a class act.

  2. Hi vaniity, you are so beautiful and inspiring. I wish i could be like you.
    Ive wanted to be a girl since i was four and still have not come out.
    I want to escape my current life and start a new one as a woman, but i dont know what to do. It’s extremelly exciting to feel this way but also kind of scary because of the perception of others, especially family and friends.
    I hope to start my new life soon and I know that my transition from boy to girl will not be very hard because of my naturally soft femmy features, although i was wondering if you could give me some information on how the whole hormone thing works and how I go about aquiring them. Do your boobs just start growing and your hair gets longer faster or is that just nonsense. i hope you have the time to write me back but if you cant i hope all your dreams come true and you have a beautiful wedding and a wonderful life!
    Love Johnni/Josie xoxoxo

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